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Kol-Ukok Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes of the region Kol-Ukok lake is m deep and has very cold water Kol-Ukok means the Lake in a Chest and is located in the north east part of


Sarala-Saz Jailoo (pasture)

Jailoo Sarala-Saz is an alpine pasture located km to the north west of the village of Kochkor It is situated at the altitude of over m The name translates from Kyrgyz as the yellowish swamp


10 Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling in Kyrgyzstan

Please respect local people s traditions culture and religion When entering a home do not forget to take your shoes off Do not smoke in homes Inform your host about your meal preferences Always ask


About Kochkor

Only hours by taxi from Bishkek and surrounded by magnificent jailoos Kochkor for many travelers is the best place to taste the nomadic lifestyle so important to Kyrgyzstan s history and culture Friendlier and quieter


Song-Kol Lake – The Pearl of Kyrgyz Jailoos

Song-Kol is a mountain lake in the Tian-Shan mountain range at an altitude of m Shepherds from Kochkor Naryn and Ak-Talaa regions use Song-Kol as a jailoo a pasture during the summer months The road

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