Kol-Ukok Lake
date: 2020-02-09
One of the most beautiful lakes of the region, Kol-Ukok lake is 17 m deep and has very cold water. ‘Kol-Ukok’ means ‘the Lake in a Chest’ and is located in the north east part of Terskei Ala-Too mountains. A white fish, and Savan trout — a regal, multi-hued fish — live in the lake. The area is a homeland to a variety of animals, as well as to a beautiful flower of edelweiss. Most importantly, you will be welcomed by hospitable people, descendants of ancient nomads, who drive their cattle here from May to October. Throughout the tour, you will observe the shepherds lifestyle, customs and family traditions, as well as see them making traditional, national Kyrgyz milk products – kymyz (fermented mare milk), airan (Kyrgyz yogurt), and kurut (dried salty cheese). Here you can also see cows and horses being milked.